Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Maintain Net Neutrality!

By Rick Blumenberg  @rickblumenberg
It is vital to free speech that net neutrality be maintained and that the internet should continue to be the possession of all people.
The big cable and internet companies are committed to profits and that is not wrong. I am fully in favor of the profit motive as a way to encourage productivity and enhance entrepreneurial creativity. But it is the vital responsibility of government to be sure no one gets an unfair advantage and that those with less power or financial resources not be unfairly hampered in their life pursuits by the power and financial resources of others.
Net neutrality continues the status quo, which, in this instance is working for the good of both the individual and the majority while it also prevents discrimination against individuals and against small and start-up businesses that might otherwise be negatively impacted in favor of the internet business giants.
The above is my note to the Federal Communications Commission (edited and amplified) that I sent through the Mozilla Foundation to preserve net neutrality.
The date of sending brings warm memories
The FCC note was sent and this blog posted on July 12, 2017, which would be my father’s 103rd birthday if he were still alive. He died on December 3, 2007 at the age of 931/2.
I remember the wisdom of Roy Blumenberg.
Dad was a wise man who blessed me with many life lessons. I think especially of the concept of “Conflict of Interest”. He helped me to understand this and it is just one of many lessons he shared that guided me throughout my life. There were numerous times when I was in decision-making meetings that I was able to help the attendees understand how the concept applied in the decision we needed to make. Dad continued to teach long after he had gone on to heaven.
Dad was also a stickler on treating people fairly—especially if you had an advantage that would make it easy to take unfair advantage. (The concept of Net Neutrality certainly brings this attitude to mind). His moral values continue yet today in the lives of his children and generational descendants.
On this his birth date I am reminded of how greatly we were blessed by being his children.
I remember Larry Blumenberg as an “Old Soul”.
 It is also a day after the birthday of my double-cousin Larry Blumenberg. (For those of you not familiar with the “double-cousin” concept—our mothers were sisters and our fathers were brothers, so we were cousins from two different families). Because of that relationship our families were very close.
Tragically, Larry drowned in their farm pond in the summer of 1959. He died June 8, 1959 shortly after High School graduation. Uncle Elmer (his Dad) was watching from the bank of the pond and tried desperately to save him, but was unable to do so. He would have been eighteen the following July 11, 1959. That was 58 years ago yesterday.
Larry also taught me important life lessons. Once when he, my brother Barry and I, were together—Barry and I had a disagreement about something. We did not come to blows, but were obviously very angry with each other. (I have no idea about what).
Larry told us, “If I had a brother I sure wouldn’t fight with him!”
Larry was what we today call an “Old Soul”—with wisdom far beyond his years. He always seemed to be more mature than the average teenager and had a gentle way about him (much like his Father, my Uncle Elmer) that endeared him to everyone who knew him. An example of this was a friend of ours who felt especially close to Larry. He was working in the field driving a tractor when his Mom came out to tell him she had just heard the news of Larry’s death. She also told him Larry’s funeral was going on right at that time. He told me later that as he drove the tractor he wept for the loss of a really good friend and also because he couldn’t go to his funeral.
It’s interesting how modern day events bring us memories from the past. I thank God for such memories and how they enrich our lives.
I’m Rick Blumenberg and that’s “My View from Tanner Creek.”

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Walking in the "Son" Light

By Rick Blumenberg  @rickblumenberg
In addition to my blog, books, articles and Sunday School lessons I’ve written through the years, I’ve also written several dozen songs. Since I don’t read or write music, I have to depend on someone else to write the music for me and that’s not easy to do because everyone I know is as busy as I am. The result is that my music is only found in my head and only heard when I sing it as I drive down the highway or find myself doing something else that calls for a song to pass the time.
So I decided to share the lyrics of some of my songs on my blog from time to time. This one is called Walking In the “Son” light (of the Love of Jesus)  Since you can’t hear the music in my head, just pretend it’s a poem.
Verse 1
Sometimes days are dark and the clouds obscure the sun.
Troubles seem to pile up in my way.
But I won't be discouraged ‘cause I'm walking with the Son
And Jesus' love shines on me every day.
Jesus never leaves me so I know He's always there
Ever since I learned to walk by faith.
Walking with the Son, heaven is begun .
I'm walking in the "Son" light every day.
I’m walking in the Son light of the love of Jesus
Basking in the glory of His love!
I’m walking in the Son light of the love of Jesus
Shining down from somewhere up above.
Never have I ever known such marvelous radiance
It fills my life and sets my heart aglow—
I’m walking in the “Son” light of the love of Jesus
Glory how it thrills my soul!
Verse 2:
The master's yoke is easy and his burden is so light.
The enemy can't take my joy from me.
Satan was defeated long ago at Calvary
When Jesus gained eternal victory.
We've just got to tell the world of His all‑surpassing love.
It's warm and bright like sunlight in the spring.
Walking with the Son, Heaven is begun.
We’re walking in the “Son” light of the King!
Verse 3:
If your load is heavy and the road is all uphill
And all your skies are overcast and gray.
Remember Jesus loves you and you know he always will
He’ll walk with you if you'll walk in his way.
Weather makes no difference when he's walking by your side
His glory can break through on any day.
Walking with the Son, heaven is begun.
We’re walking in the "Son" light every day!
I’m Rick Blumenberg and that’s “My View from Tanner Creek”.

Friday, May 12, 2017

I Looked For Jesus

I woke early and went out in search of Jesus. I took the path that lay at my door and followed its winding way amid giant maples that grew on either side. I looked up into leafy branches and waded through lovely patches of wild flowers. I stopped briefly at a small brook that gurgled unheedingly on its way. I had heard that Jesus was there, but I looked and I could not find him. So I went on.
I walked through beautiful meadows of lush green, past vineyards and orchards and fields of ripe grain. And I came to a busy highway where I saw men speeding by in new automobiles, wearing fashionable shirts and handsome ties. I looked into their faces but they were bitter and anxious and hurried. So I went on.
I passed stately mansions with broad sweeping lawns, and dingy hovels with curtain-less win-dows and rickety steps. All the time I looked for Jesus, but no matter where I looked I did not see him. So I went on.
I chanced upon a beautiful temple, and seeing the grandeur of its stone and masonry I went into the coolness of its sanctuary. I looked up at polished arches gleaming in the shadowy heights and saw the sun spilling through awesome windows of richly stained glass. I looked up and I looked around and I looked to the windows. I looked for Jesus, but all was cold and lifeless and He was not there. So I went on.
I traveled through the busy streets of a towering city. And I became weary and thirsty, but the day was far spent and I had not seen Jesus, so I went on.
I followed a dusty road up into the mountains where I saw a spring of cool, clear water, gush¬ing from the mountainside. Beside it was a cup and I saw an old man sitting there. The old man took the cup and held it under the flow until it brimmed full and spilled over the side. Then he gave me that cup of cold water and he smiled. And there, in the simple kindness of a gentle stranger—I saw Jesus!
If you know the Lord Jesus Christ be sure the people around you can see him in you. They may have been looking for a very long time and although he is ever present and always reaching out to us, they may never see him anywhere else.
I’m Rick Blumenberg and that’s….“My View from Tanner Creek.”

Monday, April 24, 2017

Goodbye Winter. Hello Spring!

When I visit with friends and family from Southeast Missouri where I grew up, or with other "Southerners" who live in milder winters, they often ask, with some trepidation, about all the snow we get in Michigan. I then let them know that if you don't love, (or at least tolerate) snow you shouldn't live in Michigan.

The nice thing about my adopted Michigan home is that we have four marvelous seasons and each season is beautiful in its own right. The picture below is one of my favorite winter scenes. It is taken from a trail in Warren Dunes State park, which is only about a mile from our home on Tanner Creek. 

I took the picture a year or two ago as we were hiking up to a dune we call "High Point". I'm not sure if it has an actual name, but I thus named it and in our family when we say let's go to High Point we all know what it means.

We were about halfway up the trail to High Point and as usual I stopped for a moment at my favorite spot to look out over Lake Michigan. From this vantage point it is beautiful in every season. The ice mountains you see are from the waves washing up in the shallow water and freezing. When it is really cold the water quickly freezes and begins to pile up into ice mountains running up and down the beach. After a while, it becomes the way you see here and there is an awesome silence--no birds singing, no waves to be heard because the water is now frozen for about a quarter mile or more away from the shore. On a wind-still day the silence is beautiful and you feel like you're in another world. We don't make this hike often in winter because of the cold, but when we do it is always worth the effort.

This view isn't literally from Tanner Creek. Here, I am high above Tanner Creek and about a quarter-mile south. But it is my view and a favorite photograph from the many I've taken.

But this posting is really my "goodbye to Winter!" I'm ready for Spring. Recently I've seen Robin Redbreast, and I've heard the coo of turtle doves around our home.

As it is every year in the Springtime when I first hear the doves I am reminded of the Song of Solomon 2:12 and the words from the King James Version of the Bible float through my mind. "The flowers appear on the earth, the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle [dove] is heard in our land."

Goodbye beautiful Winter! Hello marvelous Springtime. Welcome to our wonderful world!

I'm Rick Blumenberg and that's "My View from Tanner Creek".