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Monday, September 29, 2014

The Solarium

By Rick Blumenberg / @RickBlumenberg
Sin a dark and dirty dungeon with no windows and only one door, built with the bricks and mortar of my own selfish living.
Guilt living in that underground dungeon and knowing I built it as a place for me to live, a place where I always keep that one door tightly closed so no one who passes can see what I'm really like on the inside.
Satan the con man who convinced me I wanted to live in such a place. He made it sound so enticing and convinced me that sunlight was somehow unnatural, unhealthy and totally unde­sirable. I believed his lies and lived in the shadows, keeping the door tightly closed against the truth.
God's love the sunlight that constantly shines on that door, even though (because of the bricks and stones of my selfish living) the sunlight cannot reach inside to reveal the spiritual poverty in which I live.
Confession finally admitting (first to myself and then to God) that I am living inside this dun­geon with the door tightly closed as a result of my own selfish choices.
Repentance when I become aware of the awful sinfulness of wasting that beautiful sunlight after Jesus, the Christ, the only begotten Son of God, paid such a tremendously high price to make it available to me, and wishing with all my heart I had never built that dungeon at all.
Faith believing the sunlight is out there even though I can’t see it.  And believing it was cre­ated for me by a loving God who wants me to live in the light and enjoy it, and believing it so much that I have the courage to open the door and allow the radiance of his Son to come in.
Forgiveness when Jesus comes through that open door and I experience the light and healing power of God's love that radiates from his very being, surrounding me with his warmth and spilling over into dark corners of my life, driving out darkness and fear I've been living with so long.
Salvation watching in amazement as the marvelous light of God's forgiveness burns away the impurities of guilt, fear, hurt, and loneliness that have been such a painful part of my life for so very long.
Sanctification allowing God's Holy Spirit, the Spirit of the Father and the Son, to knock out the walls that hide my life and block the sun, and replace those ugly walls with beautiful transparent glass that changes my dungeon into a solarium, full of light and life and beauty and warmth so I can live joyfully in the precious “Son” light of God's amazing grace!
Compassion feeling heart pain because so many wonderful people are living in dungeons of their own guilt and despair, even though God loves them, and wants them to open their doors and allow the “Son” light of his love and forgiveness to pour in.
Evangelism finding as many ways as possible to tell those people who live now where I once lived, that the solarium where I now live is not of my own making and I take no credit for it.  It’s a miraculous work of the Lord Jesus Christ.  And if they will only trust Him, He can also transform their dungeons into houses of light and life and eternal beauty!
Christians my brothers and sisters. Ex-dungeon dwellers all who now live in the "Son" light. People called of God to take the Good News of His marvelous love to other people who still perish without Him in dungeons of their own de­spair. Never can we forget the dungeon from which we came, and never can we cease to praise Jesus, who transformed our own personal dungeons into the beauty of His Presence.
I'm Rick Blumenberg . . . and that's My View from Tanner Creek.

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