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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Welcome to "My View from Tanner Creek"

Hello to citizens of cyberspace! Let me introduce myself. I live on Lake Street in Bridgman with my wife Carol and we are transplants to our delightful community. We’ve lived here almost thirteen years now and really do feel at home nestled into the sand dunes here on the banks of Tanner Creek. We see Lake Street as Bridgman’s Yellow Brick Road to the local land of Oz, better known as Weko Beach and Warren Dunes State Park. We can take a hike anytime we feel like it, take a swim anytime it’s warm enough and all it costs is to keep up the various payments life brings and remember the taxes we so joyfully pay. (OK, I admit that last part is a bit of an exaggeration.)

This began when I was privileged to write a column for the Bridgman-Baroda Beat (a monthly newspaper) based on my view of life from Tanner Creek. Previous to that, for three and one half years I edited and published a 16 page tabloid sized monthly newspaper called Church of God News. I don’t miss the grind of putting out a monthly newspaper, but I do miss the opportunity to express my opinion on current events and other things I find interesting. I most enjoyed writing the editorials. Let’s face it. I am rather opinionated and there is a limit to how much my wife, children and grandchildren will listen to what I think, so after a bit of begging and pleading, our local Editor / Publisher agreed to let me write a column. My monthly column appeared for about three years until the paper ceased publication. So now, I’m writing a blog.

Sometimes I’ll write about what happens in our home if I can get it past my wife. It will most often be about life in the Bridgman-Baroda area or other parts of Southwest Michigan and many times it will be just what it says at the top— My View from Tanner Creek. I’ll write about current and world events as I see them and I’ll try to convince you to agree with me, but I’ll enjoy your comments just as much even if you don’t as long as your comments are written in good taste.

I may occasionally write about religious issues since I am a minister and presently serve as an Associate Pastor of Life Groups, Missions and Prayer Ministries at First Church of God in St. Joseph, Michigan.

I call this column “My View” so I can write it the way I see it. I usually have an opinion about everything whether I know very much about it or not. Sometimes because you agree you will think I’m a great communicator. When you disagree you’ll think I’m just another hack writer. I hope you continue to read as you have time and inclination. I’ll try not to be narrow-minded or intolerant. I’ll always try to see both sides of every issue but sometimes I may give both sides without telling you how I see it.

The “from Tanner Creek” means it will be a view from the heartland. I’m conservative in my views, although my fellow Missourian Rush Limbaugh would probably consider me a flaming liberal. My view is molded by a Midwestern up-bringing, Southwest Michigan living, and conservative Christian theology. I lean toward Republican party, but I’m a staunch independent. I often vote for Democrats and occasionally for third party candidates who have no chance of winning— if I think they say something that needs to be heard. My vote is to thank them for saying it.

I’ll try to keep My View From Tanner Creek very positive. I won’t often complain and will emphasize positive values that give life meaning, as well as recognize wonderful people that make life worth living.

I hope you’ll read “My View from Tanner Creek” and if you like it, share it with friends and family. I also hope you will write your thoughts and comments.

I'm Rick Blumenberg . . .
and that's my view from Tanner Creek.


Randy said...

Rick, great to have you in the blogsphere! Glad I could help out.

Rick Blumenberg said...

I couldn't have done it without you Randy! You're a good man and I really appreciate you.