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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Missions on the Edge

This is a guest article By C Stagner about one of the conferences at the North American Convention of the Church of God, beginning this Friday in Anderson, Indiana.

One World, One Mission: Missions on the Edge
by C. Stagner

What would it look like to be a Church of God congregation fully engaged in missions? How can a Church of God congregation be more fully involved in the global mandate of world evangelism and discipleship? Can Global Missions provide a platform to help you and your church live missions on the edge, entering the flow of what God is doing in the world? Yes, Global Missions can!

Global Missions will host One World, One Mission: Missions on the Edge on Saturday, June 25, in the Newberry Room at Park Place Church of God from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. The $25 registration fee includes registration, a book, all materials, and lunch.

At the conference you will meet missionaries, international guests, missions pastors, and lead pastors with a heart that beats passionately for the world that God loves. Pastors and missions leaders from Church of God congregations will tell stories of how their involvement in Living Link (supporting missionaries), Project Link (supporting projects), and Eye on the World (global ministry trips) has influenced their church and given them a vibrant connection to global evangelism and discipleship.

When you attend this conference you will hear from people like yourself who have a global impact. You will get ideas as to how you and your church can enlarge your mission vision and participation. You will hear about cutting-edge ideas that are changing the way we do missions. You will receive a book and other materials to assist you in your mission involvement. You will enjoy lunch in the company of folks who are passionate about missions that fulfill our calling to global evangelism and discipleship.

Dr. Bob Edwards, director of the Global Ministries Group at Church of God Ministries, will introduce the guests and presenters at the conference and give an introduction to the day’s events. He will also give the latest information on the Global Gathering, a coming together of Church of God people from around the world that will take place in Anderson, Indiana, in June 2013. Guests from three churches will give presentations and share how their involvement in missions and partnership with Global Missions has given their churches energy, vision, and mission opportunities. There will be an opportunity for the audience to interact with the presenters.

Nathan Tatman, of County Line Church of God, in Auburn, Indiana, will present what his church is learning through the cohort his church and several other churches have developed to support and be involved in the ministry of Dave and Kathy Simpson, missionaries to Bulgaria. He will guide the audience to explore the concept and possibilities of cohorts and how they might affect involvement in missions.

You are invited to come, experience, participate, think, and learn in ways that will touch your heart and open doors of opportunity. To register, contact Candy Power at Global Missions: or 765 648-2129. You can also register online at; click on Events/North American Convention.

Rick's Note: I will be one of the presenters at this conference! I hope you can come!
I'm Rick Blumenberg,...and That's My View from Tanner Creek.

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