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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Gift of Music

by Rick Blumenberg / @rickblumenberg

The Lord God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, loves us (humanity) with an unconditional love and one of the most wonderful expressions of this great love for humanity is the gift of music. God built this wonderful gift into the DNA of the universe. It blesses our lives in so many ways, from the privilege of listening to its beauty, or perhaps, even participating in the creation of music through singing or playing an instrument. To some God even gives the gift of composition, so that He is able to share the music of heaven, by putting it into our hearts and minds so it can be written, and sung, and played, for the enjoyment of us still here on earth.

Recently I had the experience of hearing a recording of Hallelujah, by Leonard Cohen, as sung by K. D. Lang at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. I don’t know if either of them are believers—Cohen is Jewish, but I’m not sure if he is a man of faith. On the other hand, God must have great faith in him or he wouldn’t have given him such an amazingly beautiful song. The song is really about the brokenness of humanity, and how God is able to draw out worship from our brokenness so he can inhabit our praise and thus fill us with his healing Presence.

And God’s praise breaks out in some of the most amazing places! I’ve never had the least desire to even see the movie Shrek. I don’t care much for cartoons. But I understand this song was included in that soundtrack. It reminds me of the words of Jesus when he said, “If we don’t praise God the rocks will cry out.” In our day God’s praise is breaking out in some amazing places through the medium of music.

God is amazingly generous with his marvelous gifts of life and love….such as the ability to sing and play inspired music. For his wonderful gifts, let us give heartfelt praise, genuine appreciation, and most of all, sincere worship. Hallelujah is such a marvelous word of praise to be sung so beautifully and thus penetrate the hearts of those who are not yet believers, but cannot help but be so when they hear it sung or when they sing along in these words of exuberant praise to Almighty God.

Thank you, Leonard Cohen and K. D. Lang, and all of you “sweet singers of Israel” who use your gifts to praise the God of heaven and all creation.

I’m Rick Blumenberg, and that’s My View from Tanner Creek.


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