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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


                By Rick Blumenberg / @rickblumenberg
When I was a young lad, not old and not wise,
I used to reflect under December skies,
"Wouldn't it be wonderful to live around here,
if we could have Chris­tmas every week of the year?
“Star light and star bright, first star I see tonight,”
I would wish, I would wish, with all of my might,
and in all of my wishing I would smile cheek to cheek
to think of the gifts I'd receive every week!
So one winter evening I climbed into bed,
sunk down in the feathers and covered my head.
I went to sleep there but I woke up again
in a wonderful place that they called Christmas land.
I jumped out of bed for I wanted to learn
When they gave out the gifts so I'd not miss my turn.
But I looked all around and not once did I see
Any bright Christmas lights or a green Christmas tree.
I did find some money all covered with rust
And stamped on it plain was "In God Do We Trust."
I asked an old man as he passed by the way, and he said,
"Who needs money when each day's Christmas Day?"
With so much that's different and everything strange
I traveled and saw everywhere was the same.
I looked into farm homes and I looked in the towns
But nowhere did I see any gifts lying round.
Once while out walking I saw a child hurt
And a teenager lifted him out of the dirt.
First he dusted him off then he patted his head
And as they were parting, "Merry Christmas!" he said.
I saw many old folks and all of them glad
Cause they were not lonely and they were not sad.
It seems friends and family were always about
Because in Christmas Land there is no one left out.
I saw many things and I learned quite a lot.
I learned what was Christmas and I learned what was not.
You don't really need tinsel to light up a face
When the Spirit of Jesus is in every place.
And you needn't give gifts just one day of the year
Cause giving's a habit that's common 'round here.
Every day is Christmas because Jesus came
And everyone serves him every day just the same.
So now I'm a grown-up, more aged and wise
With sometimes a far-away look in my eyes.
And if you would ask me you'd probably hear,

"I'd like to have Christmas every day of the year!  

I'm Rick Blumenberg,and that's My View from Tanner Creek.

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