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Monday, January 06, 2014

Let’s Get Down to Basics: An Introduction to Christian Living

64 page, soft cover
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Let’s Get Down to Basics—An Introduction to Christian Living is a 64 page book for persons wanting to investigate the Christian faith. It is also good for new Christians who want a good beginning for a life-time commitment to Christ and for mature Christians who want to review some basic teachings of the Christian faith.

The biggest problem with this book is the small print size. I used the small print so I could get all the text into only 64 pages to save money and because I was young and had better eyesight.

 “Basics” is written from the Wesleyan-Arminian perspective as curriculum for a new Christians’ class but also works well as a stand-alone read. Here is an outline of the chapters with short explanations about what each teaches.

Chapter One: Bible Study is Basic, teaches the importance of regular and sustained Bible study for those who want to live a Christ-like life.

Chapter Two: Am I Really a Christian? This chapter helps the new Christian to confirm their relationship with Christ so they can live with assurance so they will not be confused when Satan tries to tempt them to doubt their faith and dessert it.

Chapter Three: I am Stronger than Temptation. Chapter 3 deals with the reality of temptation and helps the new Christian know how to face it victoriously and defeat it any time it rears its ugly head.

Chapter Four: Prayer is My Privilege. Prayer is the greatest privilege we have as the people of God and is our greatest help for normal everyday living. God gave us prayer because he loves us and wants to be constantly available to us. Prayer is his method.

Chapter Five: I Can Discover God’s Will. This chapter introduces and explains the concept that God’s will for us is what is best for us and that when we seek and find God’s will, we also find the best life has to offer.

Chapter Six: What Do You Mean…Stewardship? Giving to God through tithes and offerings is an important part of Christian living, but it is sometimes difficult for the new believer to accept. It is important and this chapter will help you understand why.

Chapter Seven: A Second Step. Salvation is not the end of the Christian life, but the beginning, or first step. Step two is learning to surrender our lives to the leadership of the Holy Spirit and allow him permanent residence in our heart, mind and life. He is the comforter, counselor and guide for whom we are most grateful.

Chapter Eight: I Have a Spiritual Gift? Explains the concept of spiritual gifts, how we receive them as gifts from God and how to develop them for greater effectiveness to bless our own lives and the lives of those in our sphere of influence. We don’t choose them. They are gifts from God, given at his discretion to bless our lives and build his kingdom.

Chapter Nine: Living Holy. God’s plan is for his Spirit to live in us and our call from God is to surrender our lives to him so he can make us holy, like he is. As Christians, we are sacred temples in which God lives when we allow him access or invite him in. This chapter tells in understandable language how to make this happen.

Chapter Ten: I Can Tell Others! Evangelism: sharing our faith with friends and family, is one of the greatest joys of the Christian life, but one that causes the most consternation and feelings of failure. This chapter will help you to understand it and hopefully help you to witness to your faith with greater confidence.

Chapter Eleven: Symbols of My Faith. Ordinances practiced by many Christian groups include baptism, communion and foot-washing. These are symbols of faith—symbolic actions that are living pictures of spiritual realities. You will learn their importance and how to practice them in the church.

Chapter Twelve: My Faith as a Parent. Parenting is at the same time, the most difficult and most rewarding task you will ever attempt. The Christian is privileged to parent under the leadership of God, who is the best parent and is both our parent and our best example for parenting.

Chapter Thirteen: The Last Chapter. This title has a double meaning. The literal last chapter of the book, it deals with the church age, the last chapter in Kingdom history. It gives an amillenial view of last things or the way God plans to finish his earthly program.

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