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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Basics now Available online

“Basics” now Available on

Let’s Get Down to Basics is a simple but thorough introduction to Christian theology for those who are not from a Christian background. It is written for the lay person, not as a scholarly work.
It is also a book for new Christians who want a solid beginning for a lifetime commitment to Christ, as well as for mature Christians who want to review some basic teachings of the Christian faith.
Written originally as church curriculum in a class for new Christians and for those new to the church, Let’s Get Down to Basics is recommended for that purpose.
This is a new version in larger type with105 pages. The official price is $14.49 for paperback, ebook Kindle is $3.99 and Nook is $3.49
If you would like the book at a lower price I still have the original version (in much smaller type) for $5.00 including postage. Good for SS class or small group study.

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