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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Who Heals All our Diseases

Psalm 103 is a marvelous psalm filled with truth and encouragement. One of my favorite truths is where the psalmist wrote that God “heals all your diseases”. Sometimes we think this applies only to God’s direct healing touch, like Jesus did when here in the flesh. Some Christians think that doesn’t even happen anymore and others think it still happens a great deal. Regardless, I think it means much more than divine physical healing.
For instance, God heals many of our diseases as built-in miracles of creation because He made the human body with an amazing ability to heal itself. Being a “do-it-yourselfer”, I often have injuries—usually minor; a smashed thumb, a small cut or abrasion. But the wonderful thing is those injuries usually heal all by themselves. Our God-given bodies are nothing short of amazing in this area of self-healing!
Our brains are also fantastic healing machines. For instance, even though my cuts and bruises will usually heal by themselves, I have learned through experience and teaching—information my brain has stored and recovers as needed—that cleaning the wound, keeping it clean and adding an antiseptic will greatly enhance the healing process and usually prevent infection.
In addition, if we use our brains properly to have wholesome thoughts, to think positively, but realistically, and use the wisdom gained from parents and other teachers, together with experience we gain over time, we learn how to help our bodies stay well or heal themselves when attacked by a virus, disease, or germ. This too, is all a part of how God heals all our diseases.
And speaking of germs and such, one of the greatest organs of all living things is the miracle of skin! It shields us from germs, and other such critters that would harm, while being always available to transfer the healing warmth of a loved one or friend just by a gentle, caring touch—one of the greatest healers!
We also find healing in the wholesome food we put into our bodies. Some things taste good but are not really good for us. Some preservatives in our food enhance flavor and cause us to want more, but for some people these preservatives are toxic and perhaps not good for any of us. We are more perceptive these days about the dangers of polluting our world (air, streams, soil, etc.) but there is also great danger to our bodies when we pollute them with the wrong food.
If we learn to eat the right foods and reject the wrong ones we experience preventive healing so we avoid many diseases. Our bodies are stronger and healthier when fed properly and this helps our God-given immune system work more effectively night and day, to protect us from injury or disease and bring healing when needed.
I don’t believe God meant for Jesus to stay here forever as our super doctor. He mean for us to be independent of him to live healthy lives and learn helpful medical skills so we can be healed routinely rather than only by God’s divine touch. Like parents with their children Jesus came to make us strong, independent people who can live our own. However, although we want our children to be free and independent, we never want to lose the loving relationships we have as family. In the same way, although God wants us to live free and independent lives, God never wants us to lose the loving relationship we have in the family of God.
God also gives some persons a “gift” of healing for the benefit of self and others. Some are ordinary people with gifts of healing and some are medical professionals who have honed that gift with education, training and experience so they can treat us, nurse us and sometimes operate on us, doing all sorts of amazing things that bring wholesomeness and health. These wonderful people are very much a part of God’s healing love and their work is a special part of God’s divine plan. Every medical professional works with God whether or not they are believers because God is the ultimate Healer. No doubt that explains why many of our best hospitals were started by and owned by religious groups as a way to do God’s work.

So when you read Psalm 103, especially the words “who heals all your diseases” say a prayer of thanksgiving for all the ways God heals and for all the people doing God’s miraculous healing work. 
I’m Rick Blumenberg and that’s 
My View from Tanner Creek.

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