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Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Law of Love Commodities

The normal law of commodities is called supply and demand. Most supplies are limited, which doesn’t really matter if there is no demand. In such case, because there is little or no demand, the value of a particular commodity will be very low. However, if the supply is limited and the demand is high, then the value of the commodity under consideration goes up and can even become so expensive as to be unavailable to the average person.

However the law of love commodities is vastly different, because love is a commodity of unlimited value regardless of the size of the supply. Let me give an imaginary example.

Suppose a man is walking down the street with a gallon of unconditional love. As he walks he happens upon two other gentlemen who are carrying empty jugs. Because he loves them unconditionally and he knows the value of unconditional love, the first man shares his love with the other two, giving each half of the love in his jug. The two men who had been carrying empty jugs go on their way rejoicing because they each have a jug that is half full of love.

Now, according to the normal law of supply and demand, the first man should be going on his way with an empty jug. However, the law of love commodities is different. When you give love away, the love you have is not diminished, but multiplied and the man with the jug full of love goes on his way with a jug that is still full and overflowing.

Now of the two men who were blessed by the half jug of love, one had an eternal blessing but the other’s blessing was only temporary because he did not know or practice the law of love commodities.

One of the men, when he happened upon a person with an empty jug, shared happily what he had, and discovered, to his amazement, that when he gave love away, his own was multiplied and he went on his way with a jug overflowing with love and because he was a quick learner, the love in his jug never ran out even though he gave it away over and over and over again.

Sadly, the other man was not so generous with others and was not wise enough to know that his lack of generosity was actually penalizing his own soul. When he met a man who was downcast from carrying an empty jug that had no love in it at all, he merely hugged his own jug to him the more tightly to be sure the man did not try to steal that which was so valuable to him. The sad thing was that each time this happened both persons left their meeting more impoverished than when they met— the man with a half jug of love was the most impoverished of all because the love he had hoarded soon evaporated and he was left, once again, with an empty jug.

Love is one commodity that never diminishes when you give it away, but evaporates quickly when hoarded.

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