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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New Book: Beginning the Journey

Beginning the Journey: First Steps in Your Walk with God, by Rick Blumenberg and Brenda Shepard, is my latest venture into the world of publishing. This one is an “In House” publication of First Church of God in St. Joseph, Michigan, where I serve as Associate Pastor for Missions, Life Group, and Prayer Ministries. Based on my previous book Let’s Get Down to Basics: An Introduction to Christian Living, it has been greatly improved by my co-author and friend, Brenda Shepard. Brenda wrote one of the chapters entirely, re-worked and edited all of them and wrote Appendix A and B to help the readers with Bible study.

“Journey” is designed as a workbook instead of a regular book with too small type, (like the first one). The book was inspired by Sandy Mason, our Women’s Ministries Director, who wanted something for new Christians and those new to the Church of God. Brenda first taught the class to an all women group, but it would work just as well for men or for a mixed group. Teresa LaPlante is our Director of Communications at First Church and she did a great job with the design and published it for us with our own equipment. Cristi Wright did proof-reading and offered invaluable editing insights.

The first six chapters deal with disciplines for living the Christian life. These chapters include,
1) Beginning the Journey
2) The Bible: Light for the Journey
3) Prayer: Talking with God
4) Quiet Time: Rest for the Journey
5) Fellowship: Companions on the Journey
6) Stewardship: Managing God’s Resources
7) Exploring Spiritual Gifts
8) Overcoming Temptation
9) Discovering God’s Will
10) Inviting Others on the Journey.

Appendix A: Understanding the Bible and Appendix B: Bible Study Guides are extremely helpful, especially to the new Believer who wants to establish good Bible study habits.

We live in an amazing time when print publishing is really “on demand” and we can do as few copies as we want. Even easier is electronic publishing, such as this blog, where we can write it and have it out to the public in a matter of minutes! While there is a lot of junk and garbage on the World Wide Web, it is also being used widely to give access to valuable information and to share the good news of the Gospel.

While I’m thanking people I should say thanks to Associate Pastor for High School Ministries, Randy Bennett. It is only with his help that this blog is up and running.

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