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Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Autumn Song

By Rick Blumenberg / @RickBlumenberg

Walking along Tanner Creek with Carol we took this picture to show you what a special place we live in. My blog for today is a song-poem I wrote years ago and sing often at this time of year. I call it The Autumn Song and this view of Tanner Creek reminded me to sing it again. I hope you enjoy
The Autumn Song”.
Summer has its happy times
      and winter has it joys.
            Spring is like a melody in rhyme.
When I think of all the seasons
      that I’ve known since just a boy
            Autumn is that very special times.
So when I see the wild geese
      flyin’ overhead
            And feel the snap of Jack Frost in the air.
And I hear the band a playin’
      at the high school football game
            I know that it's time for county fair.
So When the Autumn comes
      and leaves are falling down
            I remember scenes of long ago.
Skippin’ through the fallen leaves
      upon the frosty ground
            Laughing down the lane to school we’d go.

I thank God for the colors
      and I thank him for the smells—
            Even smells of smoke from burning leaves.
But every day and every way
      I thank God for the earth
            And beauty He created with the trees.
I thank the Lord for falling leaves
      and autumn days of yore.
            I thank him even more for autumns now.
I thank him for the people
      that he’s sent to bless my life--
            Who love and serve him well and teach me how.

I'm Rick Blumenberg and that's 
                                  My View from Tanner Creek.

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