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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

“Trumped” and “Hillaried”

By Rick Blumenberg @rickblumenberg
I think we’ve been “Trumped” and “Hillaried” by the media. For weeks it appeared the only Republican running for the presidential nomination was Donald Trump. Most made fun of him, but some supported him. Hillary was either promoted or demonized (depending on their political leanings) by almost all as if she was the only possible Democratic nominee. The result of the bias in media makes it almost impossible to hear real and genuine news about the current status of US presidential politics.
Tonight is the Democratic debate and I will try to watch it. I meant to watch the Republican debate but missed it due to a scheduling conflict. As you can probably tell, I am a political junkie. For tonight I am very familiar with Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders, only because the media chose to reveal the two of them to us. As for the other two debaters, at this moment I can’t even remember their names and know nothing about them. Why? Because our media sources decided I didn’t need to know.
Apparently they wanted me to know Mr. Trump and Secretary Clinton. Some of the media hate Trump, but puff him up with either unfair criticism or faint praise. I think those think he is the one republican it would be easiest for Hillary to beat. Others apparently think he is a realistic candidate and want to see him win.
Fox News claims to be fair and balanced. They may be fair (in the sense that they are neither totally superior nor absolutely inferior) but they are certainly not balanced in the sense of giving a balanced view of American politics.
These days, those who are openly supportive of the democratic candidates and are anti-republican seem to be turning their attention to Dr. Ben Carson. I think they have decided he could be a viable contender for the nomination and have therefore decided to distort his statements, make fun of his abilities and in general smear his character. They are obviously hoping to make him a “Has-Ben”. I’m not yet at the point of openly endorsing his candidacy, but, on the other hand, I doubt he is waiting with bated breath for my decision.
I read Dr. Carson’s first book many years ago soon after publication. That was before he had any known political ambitions. Since then I have been an outspoken fan. He is a man of wisdom and integrity and smart enough to be a brain surgeon. Come to think of it, he is a brain surgeon and very successful.
So this is a call for unbiased political news coverage. What’s that? “Dream on in your delusion!?”
Yeah. You’re probably right. It is, more than likely, just a dream. But a pleasant dream, even if it is delusional.
I’m Rick Blumenberg and that’s My View from Tanner Creek

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