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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Good Questions, Good Answers

By Rick Blumenberg @rickblumenberg
That’s my view of the Republican Debate tonight. I nominate John Dickerson as "Moderator of the Year". He handled the Republican Debate with expertise & skill, together with a great sense of humor. He was patient with the candidates to a point, but knew when and how to draw the line and call them back on target.
As for the candidates, I call Dr Ben Carson & Gov John Kasich as the clear winners. Both of them concentrated on communicating their message without disparaging any of their opponents. They even challenged their opponents to do the same. Both had excellent closing statements. Come on South Carolina! Make them one and two in your primary election. I’m sure you’ll make the right choice about who should be # 1 and who # 2.
Actually I thought all did pretty well except for Mr. Trump who was obviously struggling. I did appreciate that he agreed to cut the profanity out of his future speeches. I’m not sure he can do it but he swears (ooops! Is that a Freudian slip?). He swears he can cut out the swearing. We’ll see. But in my opinion he came in 7th of only 6 debaters.
I know some get tired of the many debates, but I like them. We get to see the candidates up close and personal (as much as we can by TV) and hear their view what a president should be. I know of no other way we could get to know them so well.
I watched the Democratic Debate also. I thought Senator Bernie Sanders clearly won, but that's a little scary. I like him as a person and appreciate his passion, but practically speaking...he isn't.
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