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Friday, May 12, 2017

I Looked For Jesus

I woke early and went out in search of Jesus. I took the path that lay at my door and followed its winding way amid giant maples that grew on either side. I looked up into leafy branches and waded through lovely patches of wild flowers. I stopped briefly at a small brook that gurgled unheedingly on its way. I had heard that Jesus was there, but I looked and I could not find him. So I went on.
I walked through beautiful meadows of lush green, past vineyards and orchards and fields of ripe grain. And I came to a busy highway where I saw men speeding by in new automobiles, wearing fashionable shirts and handsome ties. I looked into their faces but they were bitter and anxious and hurried. So I went on.
I passed stately mansions with broad sweeping lawns, and dingy hovels with curtain-less win-dows and rickety steps. All the time I looked for Jesus, but no matter where I looked I did not see him. So I went on.
I chanced upon a beautiful temple, and seeing the grandeur of its stone and masonry I went into the coolness of its sanctuary. I looked up at polished arches gleaming in the shadowy heights and saw the sun spilling through awesome windows of richly stained glass. I looked up and I looked around and I looked to the windows. I looked for Jesus, but all was cold and lifeless and He was not there. So I went on.
I traveled through the busy streets of a towering city. And I became weary and thirsty, but the day was far spent and I had not seen Jesus, so I went on.
I followed a dusty road up into the mountains where I saw a spring of cool, clear water, gush¬ing from the mountainside. Beside it was a cup and I saw an old man sitting there. The old man took the cup and held it under the flow until it brimmed full and spilled over the side. Then he gave me that cup of cold water and he smiled. And there, in the simple kindness of a gentle stranger—I saw Jesus!
If you know the Lord Jesus Christ be sure the people around you can see him in you. They may have been looking for a very long time and although he is ever present and always reaching out to us, they may never see him anywhere else.
I’m Rick Blumenberg and that’s….“My View from Tanner Creek.”

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