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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Walking in the "Son" Light

By Rick Blumenberg  @rickblumenberg
In addition to my blog, books, articles and Sunday School lessons I’ve written through the years, I’ve also written several dozen songs. Since I don’t read or write music, I have to depend on someone else to write the music for me and that’s not easy to do because everyone I know is as busy as I am. The result is that my music is only found in my head and only heard when I sing it as I drive down the highway or find myself doing something else that calls for a song to pass the time.
So I decided to share the lyrics of some of my songs on my blog from time to time. This one is called Walking In the “Son” light (of the Love of Jesus)  Since you can’t hear the music in my head, just pretend it’s a poem.
Verse 1
Sometimes days are dark and the clouds obscure the sun.
Troubles seem to pile up in my way.
But I won't be discouraged ‘cause I'm walking with the Son
And Jesus' love shines on me every day.
Jesus never leaves me so I know He's always there
Ever since I learned to walk by faith.
Walking with the Son, heaven is begun .
I'm walking in the "Son" light every day.
I’m walking in the Son light of the love of Jesus
Basking in the glory of His love!
I’m walking in the Son light of the love of Jesus
Shining down from somewhere up above.
Never have I ever known such marvelous radiance
It fills my life and sets my heart aglow—
I’m walking in the “Son” light of the love of Jesus
Glory how it thrills my soul!
Verse 2:
The master's yoke is easy and his burden is so light.
The enemy can't take my joy from me.
Satan was defeated long ago at Calvary
When Jesus gained eternal victory.
We've just got to tell the world of His all‑surpassing love.
It's warm and bright like sunlight in the spring.
Walking with the Son, Heaven is begun.
We’re walking in the “Son” light of the King!
Verse 3:
If your load is heavy and the road is all uphill
And all your skies are overcast and gray.
Remember Jesus loves you and you know he always will
He’ll walk with you if you'll walk in his way.
Weather makes no difference when he's walking by your side
His glory can break through on any day.
Walking with the Son, heaven is begun.
We’re walking in the "Son" light every day!
I’m Rick Blumenberg and that’s “My View from Tanner Creek”.

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