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Sunday, May 13, 2012

I Believe! Part 5

This is the last of five posts that share my personal theological perspective. Thanks for reading it! 

I believe in a “no‑conflict” Gospel. I believe in the "Saving Gospel"— the truth and teachings of the Lord, Jesus Christ, preached under the power of the Holy Spirit for the salvation of souls. I also believe in the "Social Gospel"— the truth and teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ, lived out by the power of the Spirit for the redemption of society and improvement of the human situation. I see no conflict between the two— they are not two gospels, but one.

I believe in the value of humanity. I believe people are more sacred than things. Things are dispensable, but people are not. I believe God has more confidence in people than most people have in themselves. I have never met a person who, if standing in God’s place, would have had enough confidence in the disciples to leave the fate of the world in the hands of so few and so spiritually fragile, at the ascension of Jesus. God is depending on his people, but with great confidence! We are created good in the image of God, given a choice in the wisdom of God, defiled by sin to the disappointment of God, redeemed through grace by the Son of God, and restored to His image by the Spirit of God!

I'm Rick Blumenberg . . . and that's My View from Tanner Creek.

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